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My name is Shahin Najafi and I’m an 22-year-old Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, and Investor. I specialize in advertising on Facebook, Search Engine Marketing & Funnel Hacking. 

Shahin najafi

An Entrepreneur & An Internet Marketer

I started my first journey when I was 16 years old and I worked in Math and Physics classes. Although most people thought that what I was doing was crazy, I had a Good Idea of what I wanted for my Future. 

In the following 5 years, I Built a 7-Figure Online Business and helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs grow their Businesses, generate more Conversions and close more Sales. 

My vision is to Inspire People around the world to develop their Passions and help them develop Entrepreneurship to become better versions of themselves.

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Don't be afraid to take risks towards your desired business.

- Shahin Najafi


Shahin najafi

An Entrepreneur & An Internet Marketer

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